True Date Palm (Phoenix Dactylifera) for Sale in Singapore! Believe it!

Date Palm Beauty

Have you ever been amazed at the beauty of the Date Palm?

Landscape Use

Date Palms are used as landscaping plants in many places. It is a plant of striking appearance and beauty, making them impressive landscape specimens. To some, it is a beautiful plant that creates a majestic ambiance to your place and gives a scene of calmness, splendor and grandeur.

It is found as landscaping plants at entrances, on the streets, outside buildings and many other places, often to give an immediate tropical-oasis look to the setting.

Have a look at the following ... Date Palms are on entrances of homes and buildings: Click on image to see full size scrolling ... (all pictures from the web)

Have a look at the following too. Date Palms on the streets and on the yards of some buildings ... 
(Click on image)



Phoenix Dactylifera

There are many kinds of date palms. But the one that bears fruit for human consumption is the Phoenix Dactylifera, also called the True Date Palm.

It is not a common plant in Singapore.

This is a page to showcase the date palms that have been grown from seeds. They are an extremely slow growing plant. It takes a long long time for them to grow... For a seed to grow to about 50 cm, may take about a year or even more.

You can start planting the seeds and wait for them to grow ..

Can't wait? Too busy to care for the seedlings? ...

You can also buy the plant from me. I have a few date palms that I am willing to sell off. Various lengths and sizes available. Some are still in seedling stage while others have grown medium-size over the years.

For whom?

This plant is suitable for landed property owners, be it house owners or business entities. Buy one or more now and let it grow inside your premise until it becomes the full grown majestic palm.

The ones in seedling stage also makes a perfect gift to a child to nurture in him the virtue of responsibility, as the plant will most probably grow up with him until he has grandchildren! Provided he takes care of it properly at the seedling stage.

Some pointers ...

Some varieties of Phoenix Dactylifera are more beautiful than the others. For example, the Medjool variety has a denser crown and is thus more beautiful than the Deglect-Noor .. and so on.

It may not be advisable to buy the date palms in anticipation for their fruits. This is because some people alleged that our weather here in South East Asia is not suitable enough for the palms to bear fruits. That's what they claim... (even though there have been cases here in South East Asia where the Date Palm has produce fruits)

The Phoenix Dactylifera is also a dioecious plant. They have separate male and female plants. If you happen to get the male plant, it will not bear fruits at all. And if you happen to get a female, its flowers need the male counterpart from the male plant in order to bear fruits.. Normally, we will not know the gender of the plant until it has fully grown. Thus I would not put so much anticipation on the fruits, although you might want to try..

But buy it because of its beauty as a palm, buy it because its interesting, buy it to add to your collection of special plants in Singapore.

Even though I cannot guarantee that the palm which you buy from me, will become the picture-perfect majestic palm ==> ownership of a date palm is still something special. Not many in Singapore have a date palm (Phoenix Dactylifera) in their backyard. You might be amongst the pioneer batch... SO come on and own it .

 My Palms ... Presenting my Date Palms ..... Phoenix Dactylifera

Plant 1, 2 and 3 are of the variety Amary. The Amary date fruits are a bit similar in size to Medjool. The following were planted about a year ago .. Free Delivery for Plant 1, 2 and 3 anywhere within Singapore main island residential areas.
Click on the image to get a clearer picture ..


Plant 1
Variety: Amary
Height: About 35 cm
Code: Amary-A
Price: $100 SGD

Plant 2
Variety: Amary
Height: About 31 cm
Code: Amary-B
Price: $100 SGD

Plant 3
Variety: Amary
Height: About 30 cm
Code: Amary-C
Price: $90 SGD

Plant 4 and 5 are the most beloved to me. Both are the most beautiful palms I have. I started to plant them in soil a few years ago. Unfortunately, I did not take note of the variety when I planted them... hence I listed down the variety as "Unknown".

They have now grown big and beautiful... 

Plant 4 is the sturdier (and more beautiful) out of the 2, with its almost symmetrical growth clearly seen. Splendid beauty. I can't get enough of seeing it. 

Plant 5 is softer than plant 4, and it should be from a different variety of date compared to Plant 4.

Click on image to see a clearer picture..

Plant 4

Variety: Unknown

Height: About 1.25 metres

Code: UN-BG-A

Price: Starting Bid: $3500 SGD

Plant 5

Variety: Unknown ..

Height: About 1.3 or 1.4 metres

Code: UN-BG-B

Price: Starting Bid: $2000 SGD

Plant 6, 7, 8 and 9 were all planted later than Plant 4 and 5.. and again I did not take note of the variety when I planted them, hence the "unknown" variety is written in their description.

Plant 6 is looking amazingly splendid with its broad and blooming leaves.

Free delivery for plant 6, 7 and 8 anywhere within Singapore main island residential areas.

Click on image to see a clearer picture ..

Plant 6

Variety: Unknown

Height: About 65 cm

Code: UN-A

Price: $300 SGD

Plant 7
Variety: Unknown
Height: 38 cm
Code: UN-B
Price: $100 SGD

Plant 8
Variety: Unknown
Height: 36 cm
Code: UN-C
Price: $60 SGD

Plant 9
Variety: Unknown
Height: 12 cm
Code: UN-D
Price: $30 SGD

Plant 10, 11, 12 , 13 , 14 and 15 were all grown from the Ajwa variety, an expensive sought-after date variety amongst the Muslim community. They have just emerged out from the soil .... and some of the small leaflets are just shaping up ...

Remember to click on image to get a clearer picture ..

Plant 10
Variety: Ajwa
Height: 6 cm
Code: Ajwa-(A)
Price: $15 SGD

Plant 11
Variety: Ajwa
Height: 6.5 cm
Code: Ajwa-(B)
Price: $10 SGD

Plant 12
Variety: Ajwa
Height: About 6 cm
Code: Ajwa-(C)
Price: $15 SGD

Plant 13
Variety: Ajwa
Height: 3.5 cm
Code: Ajwa-(D)
Price: $15 SGD

Plant 14
Variety: Ajwa
Height: Insignificant
Code: Ajwa-(E)
Price: $10 SGD

Plant 15
Variety: Ajwa
Height: Insignificant
Code: Ajwa-(F)
Price: $10 SGD

Plant 16
Variety: Ajwa
Height: About 6.5 cm
Code: Ajwa-(G)
Price: $20 SGD

Plant 17
Variety: Ajwa
Height: About 9 cm
Code: Ajwa-(H)
Price: $10 SGD

Plant 18
Variety: Ajwa
Height: 27 cm
Code: Ajwa-(I)
Price: $20 SGD

 Plant 19
Variety: Unknown
Height: About 4 cm
Code: UN-E
Price: $15 SGD

Kindly take note that prices are subject to changes as the plant grows taller ... Thank you

Buying from overseas?

Yes, you can also get date palms from other commercial suppliers overseas but kindly take note of the transportation costs. You might also have to get clearance from AVA. Kindly check with AVA.

But if you buy from me, its a local transaction.

So ..

So come on .. Own your very own date palm in your backyard, show it to your guest when they come .. let it add beauty to your premise .. and give your surrounding the striking majestic ambiance ... 

 Contact us ..

You can contact us by this contact form.. Remember to quote the code number of the plant that you are enquiring on.

Thanks everybody ...

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